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Contributions by Serge Colin

Aviation comic strips appeared in the 1920’s years in the USA. In Belgium, Hergé portrayed aircraft in his albums.

During World War II, the USAAF used comic strips for training or flight safety campaigns.

After World War 2, numerous Aviation comic strips were published in Belgium or drawn by artists with Belgian links as Buck Danny, Dan Cooper or Tanguy and Laverdure. Some of theses artists had or still have strong connections with the Museum.

The Belgian air force also used comic strips for flight safety training as show here below with examples provided by Philippe Deman.


Since a few years, a new generation of authors publishes very esthetical comics strips albums.

In 2007 the Florennes Air base celebrated her 60th Birthday. A special comic strips album was published at this occasion.

Tail-end Charly

As a boy, Mick Manning listened to his father's hair-raising tales about life as an RAF airgunner during the Second World War (on B-25 Mitchell) . Now, years later, he has carefully recreated his father's stories, writing them down as if his dad was speaking the words. In collaboration with Brita, he has illustrated them too. It's for Charlie's grandchildren -- and for everyone. Find out what it was really like to: Put up with food rationing ! Undergo RAF Training! Take off in a bomber! Face enemy fighters! Survive the Battle of the Bulge

Tail-end Charly on Google Book



Un numéro généreux de 84 pages qui consacre sa couverture et un dossier à la bande dessinée d'aviation (Le Grand Duc, Buck Danny, Biggles...)


Etoiles Rouges

A new comic strip album discovered by Eric (2010/09) in the vein "What if" In this case pilots of the Normandie Niemen facing the Luftwaffe equipped with me 262.


Firehawks Featuring the Bugatti 100. by Herb Trimpe

A fantastic comic strip, 8 pages (plus covers) with Herb Trimpe artwork on the front (see above) and rear cover with illustration of the racer designed by Louis de Monge.


Erik Moombeeck

Discover the blog of a young talented artist.  

Willy Peeters

Willy is very talented artist of Belgian origin living in the USA. For sure you will love his drawings (humor or scale).

Received from Vital Ferry (2010/05)

L’histoire de l’Aeronautique – Collection plein vol : The result of the cooperation of Aviation historians and comic strip authors, this fascinating collections already include 2 volume.  The perfect gift to give the virus to kids but also just for your own pleasure. The presence amongst the authors of Marcel Uderzo assisted by historians like Vital Ferry ensure the qualities of these books.


 Discovered by Eric & Serge in April 2010
Pin Up 
Wings 2
Pin Up Wings 2 (Nice planes & Nice girls)

Pilotes & Co

Pilotes & Co

Pin-up Wings 2, les toiles.



 Editions Zephyr Discovered by Eric in March 2010

 Le Grand Duc     
 See also                    

 Ciel en ruine 2     
 See also                    



Jean-Luc Beghin is one of the most talented aviation illustrators. For some of us; we remember waiting to discover his fantastic illustrations of the F-16 or the Spitfire V when we were kids. Now Jean-Luc is living in the USA and works for aircraft constructors. we are happy to present his website. Wonderfull illustrations of racers : The blog of Romain Hugault by Jean Barbaud, the cartoonist of Le Fana de l’aviation éditions Paquet : Aircraft, cars and pin-up’s All about Aviation comics strips in French with a forum with regular authors contributions Another French site including a bibliography of aviation books and aviation comics strips The history of the aviation viewed thru comic strips

Hergé introduiced aircraft in the albumsof his hero Tintin. He also produced a few albums dedicated to the history of aviation and containing illustrations of aircraft you can see at the Museum as the A-26, the Storch, the Mosquito or the Bataille triplane. The site Tintin Passion containing some aircraft drawings by Hergé 





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