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About the Museum

What is known as the Brussels Air Museum in the reality does not exist.

This is popular name for what is officially the Great hall of the Royal Army and Military History Museum in Brussels (Belgium).  

This magnificent palace houses rich collections about military history from the prehistoric times to the F-16, including ships and is surrounded by other prestigious Museums, all located in the Jubilee Park. The Park is near the European quarter and nearby crowed shopping streets. The Park has itself a long tradition of links with aviation dating from before 1900.

The Museum is dedicated to Military History from the early ages to the present time. This public institution is comparable to the Imperial War Museum in London or the Musée des Invalides in Paris. After 20 years of active engagement as volunteers at the Museum there are still treasures we discover every week amongst the exhibitions.

Many years ago, when we are still kids, some gentlemen coming from varying origins but united by the passion for aviation proposed to help to grow the aviation collection of the Museum. They friendly invaded the Great Hall and gave birth to the legend of the Brussels Air Museum

You can find all the information about the Royal Army Museum on the official website of the Museum at

In 2010, The Museum will celebrate the 100th anniversary of his creation.

Coll Gaston Botquin : Arrival of the Bristol Bolingbroke at the Royal Army Museum in Brussels
Royal Army Museum, Jubilee pärk, Brussels -
Jan 5, 2010
by bamf.bamrs
From the Gaston Botquin collection, pictures taken in the early years of the Museum at the arrival of the Bristol Bolingbroke IVT 9895


Collection Mike Shakocius
Royal Army Museum, Jubilee Park, Brussels, Belgium -Jan 4, 2010by bamf.bamrs
Since many years Mike Shakocius from Germany visits the Museum once every year. Here are some pictures taken by Mike in July 1970 before some of the aircraft of the Museum were moved to the Aviation Hall.
Collection Philippe Levecq BAHL69
Royal Army Museum Air and Space Hall Jubilee Park, Brussels -
Jan 25, 2010 by bamf.bamrs
Some pictures taken by Philippe in the early days of the Brussels Air Museum Retoration Society (BAMRS) at the Royal Army Museum Air & Space Hall in Brussels.
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