Avro Anson C19-2 OO-DFA


An Avro 652A Anson C.19-2 with Congo and Sabena pedigree arrives in Belgium

On Friday November, 11th 2007, the Avro 652A Anson C.19-2 arrived in Beauvechain. On Monday December, 3rd the aircraft will be delivered at the Royal Army Museum depot in Vissenaken (Belgium).


This rare aircraft will be the second Anson preserved on the continent, the other one being in the Netherlands.


The Anson was used widely by the Belgian Air Force after World War II.


This particular aircraft has a rich career in Congo and Belgium with Sabena and various civil Belgian operators before to be exported in the UK in the years 1960's. The Anson was operated for transport and aerial photography purposes.

By chance, the administrative files of this aircraft are preserved by the Fonds National Alfred Renard.


The last owner was Retro Aviation in Coventry. The airframe will need restoration but spare parts were provided to have a complete airframe.



Avro 652A Anson C.19 OO-CFA, OO-DFA, OO-VIT,G-AYWA  in short



IMMA|  |CONSTRUCTEUR    |     N° DE   |       |REMARQUES,


CULA|N°|  NOM DU MODELE |       |FICAT| DATES |                   EXPLOITANT

TION|  |                |       |     |       |  


OO-CFA (1) AVRO XIX (652A) ANSON 2     1361-652A  66CB   22.08.1946 AIR CONGO/CFL, ALBERTVILLE

                                                         16.12.1946 DELIVERY

                                                         11.05.1949 SABENA CONGO

                                                         14.04.1950 Cancelled

                                                  844    14.06.1950 OO-DFA  SABENA BRUXELLES

                                                         02.10.1953 COASTAL AIR TRANSPORT, PVBA. LE ZOUTE

                                                         09.05.1960 RADIE

                                                  844    09.05.1960 OO-VIT (2)  VAN DER NOOT D’ASSCHE

                                                         ......19.. PLOUVIER

                                                         ......19.. MAES BELFOTOP

                                                         06.04.1971 RADIE

                                                  .      ......1971 G-AYWA to Kemps Aero Service,

Later Air Atlantique and Retro                                                                                                                                    Aviation






Source André Dillien registration lists :







   CVG001 : Avro 652A Anson C.19 arrival in Belgium for Royal Army Museum



Avro 652A Anson C.19-2, OO-VIT

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Avro 652A Anson C.19-2 - Click here for a bigger picture and more information


Ken Elliott


Portsmouth (EGHP), UK - England

Date taken:

10th August 1963


Ex OO-DFA, it became G-AYWA











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