Our sponsors and partners




The Etablissements Poncelet have a world wide reputation in the manufacturing of propellers for old aircraft. They maintain an high tradition long of three generation in wood working. They are a strong partner of the bamf on the Storch, Bleriot and de Caters projects.

Being one of the oldest aircraft manufacturing in the world, S.A.B.C.A. is present in the aerospace world since 85 years and well active on some high technology and competitive market. We are proud to be supported by such a great sponsor.

New ICC is one of the leading European specialists in metal corrosion process as well in the industrial as well in the antique car business. We are very proud they are one of our sponsors for the B-25 back to Belgium project. http://www.newicc.be/

Sabena Technics is perpetuating the tradition of excellence in aircraft maintenance of Sabena. Now this company is a successfully subsidiary of TAT, one of the biggest world wide aircraft maintenance group. We are very proud they are one of our sponsors for the B-25 back to Belgium project. http://www.sabenatechnics.com/



Hexcel Composite is the world’s largest weaver of reinforcement fabrics; the number one producer of composite materials such as honeycomb, prepregs, film adhesives and sandwich panels; and a leading manufacturer of composite parts and structures. They helped us on the de Caters project.



The military air Base of Florennes, is a nest for F-16’s but also thanks to the CO, a place where parts of the B-25 are under restoration.

Aviation Bookshop is our preferred partner for aviation books. We are now collaborating together for many years and Aviation Bookshop is the ideal place for rare to find books and documentation.




Belgian Veteran Glider Club. The organisation of Firmin Henrard groups owner of old and rare gliders in our country. Firmin was also a sub contractor with us on the Storch project.



http://www.belgian-wings.be/ Seeking information about Aviation in Belgium on the net will drive you to the best source on the subject. The site of Daniel is for sure the reference. He is also a Technical advisor with the bamf.



Dragan Saler is a teacher, an engineer and a real artist. You have certainly already seen his renditions of pioneers and World War 1 aircraft. Now you will discover all the scopes of his talents. Dragan help us a lot on the Aviatik and the Bleriot Project. http://www.ptt.yu/korisnici/s/c/schaler/index1.htm

Claude-André Lesoil  is another great artist. He started painting railways machines, cars and sailing boats but when André Dillien convinced him to paint airplanes we were lucky. Luc portrayed our B-25 above Brussels. http://claude.lesoil.be/



In 1903, the Wright brothers invented the aircraft. In January 1908, Henry Farman succeed in performing a flight of 1km in a full controlled flight departing and returning to the same point. A few months later, Henry Farman performed the first flight in Belgium in Gent. The celebration of the flight of Farman started in France.

Our friend Jean-Michel Castagné offers us to live the Farman experience with his version of the Voisin Farman for Flight simulator. Jean-Michel is currenly developing a Flight simulator model of the Voisin de Caters for us http://pagesperso-orange.fr/bleriot11/index.htm

The BAMRS (Brussels Air Museum Restoration Society) Historically, our first website dedicated to history and techniques we use in restoring aircraft. Maintained by Nicolas, you will find there detailed reports about our works http://users.skynet.be/BAMRS/BAMRS.htm

Memorial Flight Our colleagues of Dugny are an inspiring example for us. If we cannot make old aircraft flying again, the high standards in aircraft restoration, the open minded attitude and the passion for old aeroplanes are values we share.

The Sabena oldtimers are not just another strong partner of us. Their members are concentrating a vast experience and are amongst the very few in Belgium to restore and operate old aeroplanes in flight. http://users.skynet.be/fa452862/index.shtml

The Fonds Renard honors the Belgian aircraft builder Alfred Renard, more information on this site maintained by Nicolas .http://www.fnar.be/

Enlist ! Bellgians in RAF and SAAF 1940-1945 The group supported by the bamf focus on Belgian aircrews who operated with the RAF and SAAF during World War II. Visit to learn about the project and to join http://www.bamfbamrs.be/RAF/index.htm



André Dillien lists André compiles Belgian aircraft civil registrations, Belgian pilots lists, Russian aircraft .... One time per month we upload his lists to share with any enthusiasts


The main purpose of the IWHC (First Wing Historical Centre) is to evoke the history of Beanvechain air base since 1935 and especially the history of the Fighter Squadrons between 1946 and 1996. We help this Museum on a regular base. http://musee.1wing.free.fr/ The Museum is also a reguliar recipient of some gifts from the bamf



The Florennes Air base, is the location of the 2nd Tactical wing of the Air component. This place also houses a magnificent Museum open to the public..

This is the Musée Spitfire, also known as the Musée Colonel Aviateur R. Lallemant D.F.C. This Museum received gifts of the bamf. http://www.museespitfire.be/

Royal Army and Military History Museum 10 centuries of military historyThe collection of the Royal Military Museum (RRM) consists of imposing suits of armour and masterly crafted swords, hundreds of uniforms from tens of countries as well as textile such as flags and pennants, exceptional medals and rare musical instruments, weapons and equipment of every kind, planes or armoured vehicles. Follow the evolution from battering ram to F-16...
This is also the main place where is active since 1982. 

One of the last but one of the most important, this site contains the pictures of the AELR magazine  Brussels Air Museum Magazine http://bamm.fotopic.net/

At http://bamfbamrs.be/bamm/Index.htm you will find the index of all previous issues of the magazine


www.bamfbamrs.be is born to share information between the bamf and the bamrs. This site is also now used to house the sites of partners and colleagues as well as a huge list of links relating to Aviation.